Why not to allow mobile Phones during escort session?

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Why not to allow mobile Phones during escort session?

mobile phones not allowed

As an escort in Bangalore, you have to take precautionary steps to protect yourself from being exploited. Most of the time, men in Bangalore are decent, polite and gentle lover. But, in some cases you have to encounter some customers who would act extra smart with you. They will use phone to take your nude photos or plant a camera in a room to make your whole movie without knowing you.

As a female escort in Bangalore, you must be extra smart in tackling these kinds of guys. Before confirming a date you must clearly say to your customer that for 1 or 2 hour session no mobile phone would be allowed. He has to switch off his phone completely to avoid any disturbance in between. Most of them would say no, but as an escort in Bangalore, you must be firm on your decision and never compromise on this fact.

So many innocent escorts in Bangalore fell into this trap giving everything to blackmailers like their money and even worst cases sleep multiple times without getting paid that result in being trapped in their net forever in life.

To avoid this situation, Bangalore Escorts must keep his mobile phone under control. When you remove your clothes seductively, you take out his phone, switch it off and keep it in close drawer. This is a psychological game, when you will stand naked in front of him, he would be so much involved in seeing your naked body, that he will forget his phone. At that moment, you can pick his phone, check whether he has taken any pics, if he has, delete them or else keep it yourself. Overall, use any method like stripping, sweet talk or saying firmly no etc, but make sure to take his toy off.

Now, come to outcall service where you have to go to client place, while outgoing calls, as a female escort in Bangalore, you have to be extra cautious, since you are entering into an unknown territory and you have no idea how client will behave. While entering room, just check out each place, each corner to see whether any hidden camera is installed, if it is, then immediately threaten to cancel the deal or simple tell your customer to behave decently and change the room. A stern warning would be quite enough for your mischievous client to behave properly.

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